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Eagle Perks For Retirees

Eagle ID Card

Retirees may obtain a GS ID card for no cost. Any Retiree may come to the Eagle Card Office to have obtain a retiree ID card. The office personnel will take an updated picture if the retiree wishes (or they can use the on file).  There is no fee to obtain this card. The office is located in the Dining Commons Building on the Statesboro campus.  The Armstrong office is located on Science Drive in the Parking and Transportation/Eagle Card building on the main entrance of the campus.

This ID card will allow retirees to obtain several discounts. A number of businesses, as well as units on our campuses, offer a variety of discounts and resources.

If you have an ID card from your employment years at GS or Armstrong, that ID card offers the same perks. To determine if you have an ID card on file with Georgia Southern, complete the form on Eagle ID.

Campus Discounts and Resources

Parking on Campus

Free parking in faculty/staff parking lots on campus when you register your car with the Parking Office, either at the Statesboro office or the Armstrong office.

Campus Libraries and Computers

Retired faculty have access to resources in the campus libraries, including use of the computers. The computers require an ID number for use, so bring your Eagle Card with you when you visit the library to use the computers.

Campus Fitness Centers

Campus fitness centers charge a fee, click here for current fee information. Users have full use of the facilities, which include weight machines, free weights, walking areas, treadmills, rowing machines, elliptical machines, swimming pool, personal trainers (for a separate fee), basketball courts for open play, and more. An Eagle ID card is needed to use the facilities. The Recreation Activities Center on the Statesboro campus is located on Akins Boulevard. The Armstrong Recreation Center is located off of Abercorn Street onto Science Drive in Savannah.

Campus Events

Retirees receive the same discounts current employees receive for events on campus. The Performing Arts Center on the Statesboro campus and the Fine Arts Hall on the Armstrong campus sponsor a variety of events ranging from campus and external music concerts to student plays to national touring shows.

University Stores

The University Store on the Statesboro and Armstrong campuses are open to retirees, and from time to time may offer special discounts to faculty and staff, including retirees.

Eagle Dining Services

Eagle dining facilities are open to retirees, as well as students, faculty, and staff. Information about meal plans, times the facilities are open, and related information is available on the Eagle Dining Services website.

Printing and Postal Services

The Printing and Postal Services are available to retirees. The Statesboro print shop is located in the Dining Commons; the print shop on the Armstrong campus is located in Armstrong Annex II.

Local Discounts

Be sure to look for discounts for Georgia Southern employees (and retired employees) throughout Bulloch County and Chatham County. Always ask. Many discounts are available from a variety of business.

State of Georgia Discounts

In addition to the discounts available through the Georgia Southern program, the State of Georgia offers perks for employees and retired employees. Categories of discounts include Attractions, Shopping, Technology, Travel, and more

Last updated: 11/4/2021