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For Managers

Employee Relations will assist managers and supervisors with performance management, including conduct and performance expectations, the progressive discipline process, or other employee concerns that may arise. We consult with Managers and Supervisors regarding many issues such as:

  • Strategic planning
  • Finding the appropriate resources
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Quality of work
  • Attendance
  • Management practices
  • Questions about policies
  • Working relationships with employees
  • Progressive Discipline
  • Performance Expectation Plan

The University encourages open communication between employees and supervisors. It is the role of the supervisor to communicate job performance expectations to the employee. This communication exchange starts with the initial orientation and training of the new employee. As the employee performs various job functions, it is essential for the supervisor to provide verbal feedback concerning the quality of work.

Employee Relations Support

Individualized sessions are available to support managers and supervisors in identifying and attaining goals to support their workplace effectiveness. These sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual and may include an analysis of management approach, communication skills, conflict style, and skill development level in supervisory and management practices. In addition, the Employee Relations staff provides resources to improve leaders’ training and counseling skills. These meetings can be done through individualized meetings and/or phone consultations. Please contact Human Resources to set up an appointment at 912-478-6947 or click HERE.

Last updated: 4/20/2023