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Position Descriptions

To update or review a Position Description, the Compensation Administration (CA) team asks that a MyHelp ticket be submitted indicating what Position Description(s) you would like to review. The CA team will assist you with updating the system to reflect what the employee will do this coming year. The CA team can also assist with revising position descriptions in preparation for recruitment. Please note, that any position description considered a universal position description, such as Administrative Assistant or Executive Assistant, cannot be revised.

Position Descriptions Moving to                                                    

Human Resources is working with all areas of campus to move position descriptions from Pay Scale to’s Job Architect platform.  The transfer comes with new functionality to create better descriptions while making them easier to update and maintain.  

With the new system, there will be a stronger emphasis on the skills, knowledge, and abilities that are needed for each job. Competency-based employment identifies the skills needed to fulfill a position.  This makes it easier to advertise positions and then review applicants.  When shared within the organization, it helps employees understand what their current skills are and what skills would be needed for a move within the organization, such as a promotion.  Knowing what is needed for advancement, they can then begin to develop the necessary skills.    

A second benefit to the change is a new template for the descriptions themselves that includes information not on the current version.  For example, the new template will include the salary grade of the position and physical requirements.  Physical requirements can be easily provided should an employee need a physician to review their job requirements for an accommodation request.

Finally, there is access to a job description library, external job postings, and surveys specific to our industry.  It is much easier to build a position description from scratch or update to a more contemporary language when you can sample other descriptions. The library also allows you to pick and choose phrases, duties, or competencies that exactly fit the job description.

Our current position descriptions will automatically load into  HR will then share our link in with employees identified by the different areas of campus.  Those links will allow a review of the position descriptions and the opportunity to add any needed competencies and fill out the physical requirements page.  Training begins April 27, 2023, with a full transition to the new platform by June.   Please find linked below our training resources. 

How to review a Job Description in 

Job Aid – Non User by Salarycom  (for users outside of HR)

VIDEO: Reviewing a Job Description with a Non User


Last updated: 6/22/2023