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Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

The Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is an employee supplemental educational assistance program.

TAP Application Deadlines

The following University System of Georgia TAP application deadlines will apply to all University System of Georgia institutions: (If any of these dates fall on a holiday or on a weekend, the application deadline will be the last business day prior to the dates identified.) If you are Staff, please submit your TAP application to Human Resources at Faculty should submit TAP applications to the Provost Office at Applications are due by 5 pm on the day of the application deadline.

Fall Semester – July 15th
Spring Semester – November 15th
Summer Semester – April 15th

Quick Facts

Please refer to the Board of Regents website for the complete TAP policy.

  • TAP is available to all full-time benefits-eligible employees who have been employed by the University for a minimum of six (6) months prior to the TAP application deadline.
  • TAP enrollment is granted on a space-available basis.
  • An employee must receive a grade of “C”, or better, in each approved TAP course. The Teaching Institution TAP Coordinator will validate grades during application process.
  • An employee who receives a grade of “D”, or below, in an approved TAP course will be ineligible to participate in the program for the next academic semester. In an instance such as this, the TAP participant will not be personally responsible for repayment/reimbursement this course.
  • An employee, who receives an “Incomplete” in an approved TAP course, will have until the end of the following semester to complete the coursework and submit his/her final course grade to the TAP Coordinator of the “home institution”. An employee must do this to continue participating in the TAP program the next academic semester.
  • Admission application fees are not waived under TAP. Please contact the Office of Admissions at (912) 478-5391 for GSU application deadlines.
  • Faculty must have approval of their Department Chair, Dean, and the Provost/VPAA.
  • Staff must have approval of their supervisor, Dean or Director, and the Human Resources TAP Coordinator.
  • Employees should attempt to take classes outside of his/her regularly scheduled work day. When this is not possible, and your supervisor approves, you may take classes under the following conditions. Non-exempt employees must maintain a 40 hour per week work schedule; exempt employees must maintain their workload to the satisfaction of the supervisor.
  • Employees cannot audit a course under TAP. Only courses taken for credit are eligible.
  • The tuition assistance policy waives the following, if applicable:
    – Tuition: Nine credit hours per semester at the in-state per credit hour rate established by the Board of Regents
    – Mandatory fees (does not include lab fees, course fees, books, fines, exam fees, testing fees, graduation fees, etc.)
    Per Board Policy, TAP participants may enroll in web-based and professional graduate courses offered by the University System of Georgia. Other fees are not waived for TAP students and must be paid as required by institution (lab fees, course fees, books, fines, exam fees, testing fees, graduation fees, etc.)
  • TAP is an employee supplemental educational assistance program. ALL scholarship and grant money awarded to TAP participants is applied before receiving a TAP waiver. Per USG policy, an employee who is eligible for Pell Grants must apply his/her Pell Grant toward tuition and fees before receiving a TAP waiver. Georgia Southern University applies Pell and all other grants and/or scholarship payments to the amount that the TAP benefit would cover. No TAP waiver will be applied in instances where the grant(s)/scholarship(s) equals or exceeds the TAP benefit.
  • Any remaining balance not covered by TAP must be paid by the fee payment deadline each semester to avoid cancellation of course schedule.
  • Tax Implications for Participants – Please refer to the Board of Regents website for complete TAP program tax implications and a tax waiver application for graduate students.


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Last updated: 3/21/2023